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Cuban Restaurants in Miami

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After the Cuban Revolution, Miami became home to approximately 500,000 Cuban citizens. These citizens opened businesses and formed communities which led to more Cubans coming to the United States for economic reasons. These people enjoy authentic Cuban recipes that have been handed down for generations. Visitors to Miami are pleasantly surprised when they taste real Cuban food for the first time. Of course, there are many Cuban restaurants, so we have selected a few of our favorites for your consideration.

Havana 1950

Havana 1950 serves fantastic Cuban food with the flare of the 1950’s era. The fully bilingual menus make it easy to order your favorites. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have a good selection of wine, (fresh squeezed) juices, and mixed drinks. You will have no problem imagining how Havana was during this time period.  Before you leave, try the dessert. It is incredible.

Larios On The Beach

This is an upper-scale, very trendy restaurant. You will find people of all ages dine here. However, if you venture to Larios on a weekend, you may be taken aback by the crowds. This ultra-modern restaurant is a favorite for every age group, as evident by the elbow-to-elbow crowd. If you go earlier in the week, you will enjoy a less crowded dining room. Prices are a little more than other traditional Cuban restaurants, but the place is a bit nicer than most.

Islas Canarias

The owners of Islas Canarias and now their children have been dishing up some of the best Cuban and Spanish food in the city since 1977. You will receive generous portions and only the most  authentic dishes with the finest ingredients are allowed. They also feature sinfully good desserts, fresh, green salads, and have a wide selection of wine and other drinks.

Havana Harry’s

For the longest time, locals tried to keep this gem to themselves. A good mix of Cuban foods with American twists is what is on the menu. This is a casual and comfortable place where you can get Cuban dishes like black beans and fried pork. They have plenty of sandwiches and less fattening options. Expect a lunch and dinner crowd, but this place is worth the wait.

Exquisito Restaurant

This place is small. It seats about 70 people. But, it has been voted The Best Cuban Restaurant in Miami for a reason. Go with pork chunks, tamales, or come early for an incredible breakfast. If it is authentic and it is good, they serve it.

There are so many Cuban and Cuban-American restaurants in Miami that you probably could never try them all. If you ask anyone who lives in Miami, they will have their own favorite. It is well worth taking a little time to research the best places to eat.

Once you have eaten Cuban food in Miami, you will never be satisfied with less, unless of course, you went to Cuba. If you don’t know what a dish is, the menu usually explains. But, it is worth bridging the language barrier to enjoy this food. This is the flavor of Miami!

Best Restaurants In Miami

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Miami is a beautiful city in the state of Florida. The population of 5.5 million people who live there include a strong Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Haitian population. This is evident in the businesses, restaurants, and cigar shops in the city. Miami is an upscale ocean city. The city is the destination for thousands of tourist annually.

There is no shortage of wonderful restaurants in this amazing city. The diversity in this city reaches beyond food. The city is a favorite for college-aged people on spring or summer break. The nightlife is amazing. The city is a favorite for families, seeking a beach holiday. Senior citizens come for the sun and sea. The restaurants in Miami must cater to a very diverse customer base. Below we will show you some of the restaurants that are on our “must try” list for 2017.

Sherwood’s Bistro & Bar

Sherwood’s Bistro & Bar is open for evening meals, daily. The feel is casual and comfortable with a patio to enjoy dinner or drinks outside. This is not an average beach bar. You can enjoy dishes like roasted duck, garlicky kale, and fresh seafood. Or, you might just have one of their custom burgers.

GLAM Vegan

The menu at the GLAM Vegan is designed to satisfy any craving. Whether you are vegan or not, the flavors and choices will delight you. Give it a try, and you will be amazed at how tasty the dishes are.

Federal Donuts

This is the first restaurant Federal Donuts has opened outside of Philly (where it is famous). The menu is simple, but anything but plain. You can order Fancy Donuts and they are prepared hot and fresh. They also serve Korean fried chicken and chicken sandwiches. This is a fun place to eat and you will return for more.

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza is New York style pizza pies. You can order by the pie or by the slice. New Yorkers are picky when it comes to their pizza and this pizzeria is a favorite there and in Miami. If you want authentic New York pizza in Miami, this is it.

Chana Thai Kitchen

If you are in the mood for some good Chinese style food, you have found it. Fresh spring rolls, drunken noodles, sticky rice and fresh salads. The menu is minimal, but everything on it is fresh and authentic.

Latin Cafe 2000

Try Latin Cafe 2000 if you are in the mood for Cuban, Latin, or Spanish food. This is the flavor you would expect to find in this Cuban influenced city. There are plenty of vegetarian foods on the menu to satisfy anyone in your group. This is a very popular restaurant, so get there early.

Old’s Havana

Great Cuban food at a good price. They serve wonderful sandwiches and the live entertainment is an added bonus. Old’s Havana rates very high from visitors but also from locals. Fun, food, and casual comfort.

This is just our top favorites for now, but here are so many options, flavors, and classes we have not touched. From your 5-star experience, to your burger joint, there are many places that will hit the mark. Look around and you will find exactly what you are looking for in Miami.

Causeways In Miami

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If you are new to Miami, you may wonder what causeways are. They are certainly much loved by the people who live in Miami, Florida. Miami has an elaborate causeway system which is an asset for anyone who travels their roads.

What is a causeway?

A causeway is a raised road or path that is built so people can cross wetlands. They are made of rock and sand and the tops are paved roads. Unlike a bridge which is raised on pillars which sit firmly on the ground, a causeway creates a shoreline. People can use this to access the water from small boats. The causeway actually creates more useable land than the use of a bridge. So a bridge is used to cross bodies of water, and a causeway is used to create passage across what would be swampy or wetlands. The structures are part of the roadway systems to reduce congestion on bridges and allow ease of travel between two points of land.

Major Causeways in Miami

MacArthur Causeway

MacArthur Causeway is one of the most famous attractions of Miami. MacArthur Causeway is so beautiful it is often filmed in movies. The bridge makes a gorgeous addition to the skyline. Crossing MacArthur lands you in the heart of downtown Miami, and it leads to Miami Beach.

During major events, expect to move slowly if you take MacArthur. But even on high-traffic days, it is an amazing way to see the city.

Venetian Causeway

The Venetian Causeway crosses Biscayne Bay and Miami, both the mainland and Miami Beach. It is one of the most traveled. This is a toll plaza with six lanes which has been in place since 1927. This causeway consists of 12 bridges and it spans 11 man-made Venetian Islands.

The Venetian Causeway is very important to the motorists who travel in the city and it is designed to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians as well.

Rickenbacker Causeway

The Rickenbacker Causeway connects Miami to the Barrier Islands of Virginia Keys. It travels across the Biscayne Bay & Key Biscayne. This causeway is one of the most beautiful of Miami’s coastal areas. The beaches are pristine. The islands are very popular for family adventure as well as fishing, biking, and enjoying tropical paradise right in your own backyard. Like the Venetian Causeway, this is part of the toll plaza.

You can easily plan your route to the area beaches, islands, activities, and events. The causeways make it possible for you to get the full experience Florida has to offer.

While these three causeways are the most popular and most traveled, Miami has other causeways included in the massive infrastructure of the city. Other causeways include:

  • John F. Kennedy Causeway
  • Julia Tuttle Causeway
  • Port Boulevard
  • William H. Lehman Causeway

Before you set out, make sure you map the areas and allow for tolls. Click here for help with mapping and creating your itinerary.

Miami is unlike any other place on Earth. It is a melting pot of various cultures and a natural paradise. There is something for everyone in Miami. Before you visit Miami, take some time to learn about the region. You will not want to miss a thing.

Colleges & Universities In Miami

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Miami is a popular choice for students pursuing their degree. The many top-rated colleges and universities available, combined with the warm temperatures and the beauty of the sea make Miami hard to beat. The city is heavy in tourism, which opens the doors of opportunity for students seeking work while they are in school.

We will show you some of the top schools to consider. However, we urge you to do your own research. There is much more opportunity than this article can address. Chances are good that there is a choice that fits your needs in this great city.

University of Miami

Of course, University of Miami is our number one pick. But it is not because it is named for the city. The University of Miami is a much-loved school. It is an international university and has a diverse student body from around the world. You are sure to have a unique experience as you are introduced to so many interesting people.

UM is a well-maintained and beautiful campus. The trails that surround the university make for great running or walking trails and there is a man-made lake on site. The seaside city draws a lot of young people and the college steps up to meet the demand. Social events are plentiful and there is a group or club for virtually any activity you are into.

This is a private university and financial aid is available. The acceptance rate is just under 40%.  They offer a wide range of programs including graduate and undergraduate programs.

Florida International University

FIU is a public university that spans 2 major campuses. This university is student based and focuses on giving the student the experience they desire. Florida International University offers 190 bachelor’s and master’s degrees and doctoral programs. FIU is the only public university in Miami, FL that offers this many degrees. They are versatile and offer full educational programs online for those who require it.

FIU is very active in sports and there is a wide range of activities to participate in.  The mascot is the FIU golden panther and the loyalty to the teams is unrivaled. The opportunity for women in sports at the university is even more versatile than the men’s programs. Anything from football to golf is represented in FIU.

Nova Southeastern University

This university is small and personalized. The campus is beautiful and the faculty is most helpful. It is a private nonprofit university.

NSU is the place to go if you want to avoid overcrowded classes, teachers who are fully accredited, and great graduate programs. The student body is diverse and the students participate in the research of their chosen field. While this is not the largest university in the area, it has the highest ratings for the educational experience it provides.

This article cannot begin to tell you of all the colleges and universities in the area and the vast programs they offer students. It is safe to say that there is no field of study that is not provided in Miami, FL. From your bachelor’s degree to obtaining your Ph.D., you will find the right college and university for you.

Museums In Miami

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The number of museums in Miami may surprise you. When you begin to look at the museums, you will find that each type of museum is represented fully on its own. There are museums for art, and they are completely separate than the museums for history or science.

Below we will speak of some of the favorite museums for tourists, but we urge you to look beyond this list, as there is a huge selection available to you in the beautiful city of Miami.

Perez Art Museum

Perez Art Museum is well known for its beauty. The unique design of the museum is exciting and the exhibits are always interesting. Enjoy the hanging gardens. The art featured leans toward contemporary and modern.

Perez also features a wonderful restaurant with a view of the sea. This is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Agustin Gainza Arts & Tavern

This museum is too precious to omit. The owners are on site and welcoming. The museum is small with seating for around 40 people. The art exhibited is unique and the backstories are very interesting. Further, they have a variety of foods, wines, and music for your enjoyment. Go with a small group and you will feel like someone just took you to another world. This is a must-see museum for art lovers.

Miami Children’s Museum

Miami Children’s Museum is one of the best children’s museums in the U.S. The hands-on exhibits allow children of all ages to explore. From learning about boats, shops, art, music, and many other exhibits, your child will be entertained and educated for the extent of your visit. Parking is a little confusing, but well worth it.

History Miami

You will be sorry if you miss this museum. This is hands-down the best place in the city to learn about the rich history of Miami. Learn why the city is called the Magic City. This Smithsonian Affiliated museum is in two buildings and the entry fee is modest. Discover how Miami became the international city it is today. Enjoy permanent and temporary exhibits. You will be amazed by what you do not know about Miami.

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

This country was built on railroads. There is something magical about boarding and riding one of these beautiful railcars. The museum features 40 railcars. It includes US-1, which is the presidential car. Take a ride on a railcar and learn how railroads formed and still contribute to the world we live in. This is a “have to go again” stop.

Florida Museum of Natural History

This is by far the most wonderful natural history museum you will ever find. The museum is located in the University of Florida Cultural Plaza. The exhibits are exciting, as you learn about the landscapes and living creatures of the sea and warm ocean shores. Visit the Butterfly Rainforest and learn how we can and must protect the planet that we share with other creatures. The museum is state of the art. The massive exhibits that are on display for your enjoyment and education are fascinating. This is a favorite museum, not just in Miami, but all of Florida.