kidney disease law attorneysFor more than 25 years, the medical malpractice attorneys at the Miami-based firm of Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger, Tetzeli & Pratt, P.A., have provided high-quality legal services to the victims of medical malpractice. Our clients quickly come to trust and rely on us, and every client is treated with complete respect and professional courtesy. We work directly with our medical malpractice clients, keeping them updated on their case as it develops, promptly answering their questions, fully addressing their concerns, and consistently offering direction and support from the moment we meet you until your case can be resolved.


Kidney disease can be physically, emotionally, and financially exhausting. At Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger, Tetzeli & Pratt, we take the legal matters off your shoulders and work on your behalf so that you can focus on your health and your family. We’ve established a reputation for aggressive tenacity and a remarkable record of legal victories on behalf of medical malpractice victims, particularly those who suffer kidney disease. As experienced Florida malpractice attorneys, we stand on the principle that those who have suffered from the negligence of doctors, nurses, and hospitals should be fully compensated for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost income, additional injury, and loss of the quality of life. We aggressively fight for justice for every client we represent. In every case, we determine how we can best serve the genuine needs of our clients. We not only fight for your compensation when you become our client, but we also make sure that you know your treatment options and that you know how to qualify for kidney transplant waiting lists.


The attorneys at Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger, Tetzeli & Pratt, P.A., are known and respected across the nation for their in-depth knowledge of medical malpractice statutes and issues. They are routinely named in listings of the “Best Lawyers in Florida” and “Best Lawyers in America.” To arrange a no-cost consultation with one of our experienced medical malpractice attorneys – if you suspect that misdiagnosis or improper treatment of your kidney disease is the cause of kidney failure – contact us today by calling 888.233.7667, or e-mail us at: [email protected].