Verdicts & Settlements


kidney disease law attorneysA $6.1 million judgment was awarded to a Hawaiian plaintiff in a malpractice suit that named a general practitioner as the defendant. Antonio Richardson, 45, was awarded $4,141,300 in special damages and also received general damages in the amount of $2,000,000. Testimony revealed that Mr. Richardson was treated for kidney failure more than two years after the first signs of kidneys disease were found. By the time the general practitioner finally sent Mr. Richardson to a nephrologist, he was suffering end-stage kidney failure. He is now awaiting a transplant. Marvin Kurzban and Jed Kurzban were assisted at trial by attorneys Anna Oshiro and Todd Hirai with the Honolulu law firm Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hasert.


A $5.7 million judgment was awarded to a 37-year-old plaintiff in a lawsuit naming three urologists and/or their professional associations for failing to diagnose accurately the plaintiff’s kidney disease. A jury found that the urologists failed to examine the plaintiff properly and failed to find obvious indications of kidney disease. Because of their failure to spot the kidney disease and refer the plaintiff to a specialist, the plaintiff lost function in both kidneys and required a transplant.


The plaintiff was six years old when she received a kidney transplant. The plaintiff and her parents claimed the transplant was needed because of medical malpractice by the defendant pediatrician, who allegedly fail to properly diagnose and treat the girl’s kidney failure in a timely manner. The defendant claimed that the kidney failure developed abruptly, with no earlier indications. The jury determined that the defendant was negligent and awarded the plaintiff damages in the amount of $3,827,476. The amount included $700,000 for loss of future earnings; $157,476 for previous medical expenditures; $2,740,000 for projected future medical expenditures; and $230,000 for pain and suffering. The Court also approved the plaintiff’s motion for additur amounting to $270,000 for pain and suffering.


A young man with kidney disease that was not diagnosed by his internist for over two years. Young man in his early 30’s was a computer developer and lost his career and ability to work and travel due to horrible effects of dialysis and kidney failure. He’s since gone on to have a kidney transplant from a donor that was found during the course of litigation and this matter was confidentially settled on the eave of trial.


A case involving the United State of America in a Federal Tort Claim Act against the Veterans Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. The Veteran was misdiagnosed with flank pain and a kidney stone which resulted in the backing up on his urine leading to increased creatinine and hematoria. Ultimately, the failure to diagnose the kidney stone lead to obstruction in his left uteral which caused his left kidney to fail. His right kidney also began to show signs of distress. Prior to trial, settlement resolved in mediation to allow the injured veteran to continue the treatment necessary to retain his right kidney function.


$150,000 was awarded to an elderly gentlemen with misdiagnosed kidney disease.