Kidney Disease & Kidney Damage

Our kidneys are vital organs that protect our bodies by functioning as a “filtering” system. While astonishing advances have been made in the treatment of kidney diseases, thousands still suffer with the serious symptoms associated with kidney failure, despite taking medication and undergoing dialysis. Sometimes, the reason for that suffering is medical negligence, which can take the form of a misdiagnosis or improper treatment. In a small number of cases, this can lead to acute renal failure and ultimately, death.

At the Miami-based law firm of Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger, Tetzeli & Pratt, P.A., we represent the victims of medical negligence with a focus on cases involving the damage caused by kidney disease. Unlike many legal professionals who practice personal injury law and file wrongful death lawsuits, our legal team has extensive familiarity with the medical complexities surrounding kidney failure and renal disease. This gives us an edge as we seek to determine liability and seek compensation from those who are responsible for your improper care or misdiagnosis. If you believe that you have been misdiagnosed, improperly treated, or otherwise injured by a hospital, a clinic, a physician, or by any healthcare professional or healthcare facility, call our Miami office at 888.233.7667 and arrange at once for a free consultation with an experienced Florida medical malpractice attorney.


Material presented on this website about the kidney and about kidney disease is offered strictly for educational purposes. This material has been compiled from sources that include the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC) and the Kidney and Urology Foundation of America (KUFA). The kidneys serve several crucially important functions. Kidneys filter the blood, and they also secrete important hormones into the body. The kidneys are essentially shaped like beans. Each is about the size of a human fist, and they are set in the middle of the back on each side of the spine – a location that makes them somewhat prone to injury. As blood moves through the kidneys, thousands of microscopic nephrons remove waste products and toxins from the blood. The kidneys also remove excess water and calcium, and they help the body to retain essential chemicals that may be lacking. The kidneys also release three hormones: erythropoietin, rennin, and calcitriol. These hormones are imperative for strong bones, healthy red blood cells, and blood pressure regulation.


If you or a loved one are a kidney disease sufferer, and if you have been harmed or injured by an improper treatment or by an inaccurate diagnosis of your medical condition, contact the lawyers of Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger, Tetzeli & Pratt, P.A., as soon as possible. We aggressively work to secure the maximum available compensation for every client we represent, and we also help clients to learn more about treatment options and kidney transplant lists. Serving the needs of our clients and helping them to achieve a higher quality of life is our mission and our top priority. Contact our law office in Miami immediately for a free consultation with an experienced Florida medical malpractice attorney by calling 888.233.7667, or contact us by e-mail at: [email protected].